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Solution for Damaged Road Is Simple

I believe the governments that have policy related road maintenance know this. But the question is, why not run? Is it because the cost of making sewers pave more expensive than maintenance road? Or maybe the part goverment which deals with the manufacture and filling gutters is different. I do not know … Post Views: […]

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Distance Not Real

Why he shout? Is he losing patience? Or this angry intended heard other else as lessons? Is not son close? Regular voice alone already sounded, no need to shout.

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Seeing Each Other More Happier

“Look Mom, how happy husband and wife who ride the bike. Although they also rained on, but they can be quickly at home. Not like us who have tired of walking to get to the house.”

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Leave Greed, Reduce Life Problems

In life we are often like a monkey. Because of greed, we do not want to release a life problems. We brought the problems everywhere. Not wanting to search for the right solution.

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Nokia C3, Possible Become One Million Users’s Mobile Phone?

Though Nokia announced its new market entry end of this quarter, but a friend has reported seeing at the Roxy. Although I doubt the truth, this phone may be worth waiting for. Why? Because QWERTY, WiFi, price 1.1 million and Nokia brand!

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10 Tips to being A Good Friend When Someone Complains To Us

Complaining is the ordinary thing in life. Complaining is often because not easy to be grateful for. Also because of lack of initiative resolve a problem. But what if you must listen someone’s complain?

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9 Cheap Touch Screen Mobile Phone Recommendation

Want a touch screen phone like the Iphone, but your money is limited? Try read this article. Some of them do not fail with the Iphone. However, all priced under 2 million. So what are you waiting for?

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Doctor IT PAS FM SBY – March 31th 2010: Sharing and Using Photo In Internet

With technology, nowadays it’s easily created and shared photos to others. But there are other impacts that occurred: the problem of copyright and privacy. How do we react? Listen the ‘IT Doctor’ on PAS FM this later afternoon!

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5 Cheap Branded Mobile Phones With Built-in Antenna Radio

One feature mobile phone that almost replaces product that same function is radio. Unfortunately most have plugged the headset as an antenna. Below 5 cheap mobile phone that has built-in antenna radio that I recommend!

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Why I Write A Book (3)

Of course, this is a remarkable achievement for my first book. Especially for a fast time of publication and laying the book on the shelf ‘new book’. Because my obsession was just to publish a book.

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