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9 Cheap Touch Screen Mobile Phone Recommendation

gk-nokia-5230-1Want a touch screen phone like the Iphone, but your money is limited? Try read this article. Some of them do not fail with the Iphone. However, all priced under 2 million. So what are you waiting for?

By: Mochamad Yusuf*

Actually since a long time the existence of mobile phone’s touch screen. Several manufacturers such as Sony Ericsson, HTC and others have launched out these mobile phones. But since the launch of the Apple’s Iphone, mobile phone’s touch screen to find its form.

With Iphone, people become so happy with the touch screen models. Have felt more relieved, more stylish, more cool and modern.

As long as I have touch screen mobile phone, there are some advantages that I can get. Some advantages of this type of phone that I like are:

1. Viewing movie better.
Touch screens typically have a wider screen. Average width of up 2.7 inch screen. With wide screen, the movie feels more solid than most mobile phone.
2. Browsingan more steady.
Same with watching a movie, with wide screen for browsing will be more stable. Used for browsing with mobile phone, such as forced, so that the view website designed for the mobile phone. The interface is usually much simpler than the website for a computer. But with the touch screen mobile phone, see the website version of the computer can also be done.
3. Play games more fun.
Because of the wide screen, the game play is also more exciting. Moreover most of the touch screen mobile phone features the accelerometer, which is sensitive to wobble. Playing games with the advantage of this feature, there is a separate sensation.

It’s oke that many people dream of Iphone. But because the price is exorbitant, most of them just as a dream. But if you still wanted the touch screen mobile phone, there are many mobile phone has a lot of this kind that comes out.

Also almost the same shape. Bars with a screen that was on the whole body. With no buttons. If no key is usually only contains buttons for call, end call, and to menu.

The price was cheaper than the Iphone. There’s even priced under 2 million. Here are 9 new touch screen mobile phone under 2 million are still sold.

1. LG KP500 Cookie.
This is mobile phone’s first touch screen that comes up with an affordable price. Simple box design with elbow flexion. Feels flexible and ergonomic. EDGE connection.
Screen Width: 3 inches.
Price: 1,675,000.

2. Samsung S5230 Star.
Its presence is also sensational. It seems trying to rival the presence Cookies. Because of that cost is also affordable. Basically the same features with Cookies.
Screen Width: 3 inches.
Price: 1,450,000.

3. Samsung S5230 Star WiFi.
This facilities of mobile phone is the same type before, S5230 Star. Enhancements is the presence of a WiFi connection. So you can enjoy free internet connection provided some cafe. Hehehe.
Screen Width: 3 inches.
Price: 1,650,000.

4. Samsung S3650 Corby.
Although Samsung’s product, different shapes. The design is more oval. Interestingly replaceable covers with different colors are preferred.
Screen Width: 2.8 inches.
Price: 1,425,000.

5. Samsung C3510 Genoa.
Its name is different, but the shape is similar to Corby: oval-rounded. But the price is even cheaper, because there was trimming features of Corby. Looks like cheap versions of Genoa is Corby.
Screen Width: 2.8 inches.
Price: 1,275,000.

6. Nokia 5230.
It looks exactly the same as Nokia 5800XM (Xpress Music). Even the exact same features as well: HSDPA connectivity and GPS. Less is WiFi feature. But these shortcomings are worth the price difference is almost 1 million.
Screen Width: 3.2 inches.
Price: 1,750,000.

7. I-mobile IE 6010.
It’s not a famous brand of mobile phone. This mobile phone is the production of its neighbors, Thailand. Although it does not fail with the brand famous mobile phone, especially in the software industry. Because its OS already equipped with Android. With the OS, mobile phone has become more dynamic.
Screen Width: 3.0 inches.
Price: 1,990,000.

8. LG GW525.
It’s not how it looks exactly the same as before, because there’s key is withdrawn from the side. So in addition to receiving input from the screen buttons. Fairly sophisticated features for existing HSDPA connections.
Screen Width: 2.8 inches.
Price: 1,960,000.

9. Samsung B3410..
It seems tough opponent from LG GW525 above, because the exact same model: sliding. So in addition to pressing the virtual keys on the screen can also be on the exit button from the side. But the price is much cheaper, so its features certainly lower. Among the absence of HSDPA connections.
Screen Width: 2.6 inches.
Price: 1,700,000.

Then what my recommendations? My recommendation is actually a sliding touch screen mobile phone such as GW525 or B3410. Because there are 2 options we can use: the touch screen or use the physical button. So much better. Just unfortunately the screen has not been relieved. Ie not on up of 3.2 inches.

Therefore, if the screen really relieved, my recommendation is: Nokia 5230. Quite a lot of its features: HSDPA and GPS but the price is very affordable. So ‘worthed to buy’. [TSA, 6/4/2010 at dawn]

*Mochamad Yusuf is an online analyst, public speaker, radio host, lecturer and IT practitioner at SAM Design. Actively writing and his books have been published, “99 Jurus Sukses Mengembangkan Bisnis Lewat Internet”. You can follow his activities on his website, or in his Facebook.

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