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Leave Greed, Reduce Life Problems

In life we are often like a monkey. Because of greed, we do not want to release a life problems. We brought the problems everywhere. Not wanting to search for the right solution.

By: Mochamad Yusuf*

One time Zelda, my 3 years old daughter, asked me to bring candy. He was struggling with the candy had been taken in the right and left hand. Each hand has been there approximately every 2-3 candy. And she wants to take back other sweets on the table.

She asked me who brought them. Knowing this I told her, “Zel, why do you not take the candies in your hand to the pocket? So, you can take others candies on the table? If you need, you can put all of candies into your pocket,” I suggest solutions.

“I do not want. I want to have a lot of candy,” she replied. “Ehm,.. is it in the pocket still your candies? By put into a pocket, you will not be overwhelmed again. Your hands can grab the other, there was chocolate cake,” I explained.

Slowly she begans to understand, and put candy in her hand into her pocket. Now she can take all the candy on the table. She was thrilled.

Seeing this I wonder why Zelda does not want to put the candy? More better and easier, put all in the pocket. Because it would no longer be a burden to hold it.

I remember article about a monkey hunters in Africa. They must catch monkeys without the slightest injury. These monkeys will be used as laboratory animals or circus animals in developed countries.

They found a simple but effective way for that purpose. They were planted in soil jars. What remains is only the mouth of the jar. Inside the jars of their favorite nuts. For more interesting added smells that stimulate them. After that they lived.

Tomorrow they will see the monkey trapped, with their arms outstretched in the jar. Their hands were held up by the mouth of the jar. And they could not pull the jars, because its jar ingrained very strong.

Why did they hand get in, but could not get out?

Because they do not want to remove the nuts in his hands. Because hands do not release peanuts, then the grip is a barrier to be separated from the jar. In this way, the hunters can get a monkey with a perfect, without injury.

In life we are often like Zelda or monkeys. Because of greed, we do not want to release a life problems. We brought the problems everywhere. Not wanting to search for the right solution.

It is also like a jar of hurt feelings or resentment. A feeling that will haunt and be a burden because it will confiscate our thoughts and energy. Instead why not put it down to just forgive or apologize to them? Or why not share your problems or ask help others? Why should we try to solve my own?

Do not pile up problems. Because life is always filled with various problems. Every day, every moment must have come problems. Stacking problem, only aggravate the living. Closing the life expectancy of happiness.

Come face-to-day with a brighter tomorrow. Stay optimistic and positive all the problems facing the future. [TSA, 19/4/2010 dawn]

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*Mochamad Yusuf is an online analyst, public speaker, radio host, lecturer and IT practitioner at SAM Design. Actively writing and his books have been published. You can follow his activities on his website, or in his Facebook.

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