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Seeing Each Other More Happier

“Look Mom, how happy husband and wife who ride the bike. Although they also rained on, but they can be quickly at home. Not like us who have tired of walking to get to the house.”

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Leave Greed, Reduce Life Problems

In life we are often like a monkey. Because of greed, we do not want to release a life problems. We brought the problems everywhere. Not wanting to search for the right solution.

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10 Tips to being A Good Friend When Someone Complains To Us

Complaining is the ordinary thing in life. Complaining is often because not easy to be grateful for. Also because of lack of initiative resolve a problem. But what if you must listen someone’s complain?

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Contribute Treat Hurt Story

Hurt. Who never experienced it? Hurt attacks every moment. Young and old, men and women, rich and poor, domiciled or not, any religion must be experienced. Anyone.

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Life Is Choice, Choose Wisely!

There’s always choices in life. There’s always the scenarios we have do it. Weighing the options and the future unclear, often we are in pessimist and indecision.

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Looking for Fruit of Happiness

Now I even doubt if you are telling the truth about the fruit’s Zelda. Did you eat fruit Zelda to always remain happy. Because I have already explored, no one knows the magical fruit.

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Learning Enjoying Life Happiness

From this case, he began to regret. Why he did not pursue the job he loved before? Why should always look for high-paying jobs? And why he did not want to lose his salary with his friend?

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