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Learning Enjoying Life Happiness

gk bahagia 03From this case, he began to regret. Why he did not pursue the job he loved before? Why should always look for high-paying jobs? And why he did not want to lose his salary with his friend?

By: Mochamad Yusuf*

When in college, I had a friend who was working. So while studying in college, he had worked. Because of work, of course it looks different. If others wear t-shirts, jeans and sneakers, he wears shirt, pants fabric and leather shoes. I really envy see. Cool.

Later, after I graduated, he was changing jobs. And I saw the previous job was good and established. I wonder. From another friend, I heard a story that he was changing jobs, because not to be outdone by his friend.

So, he knows his higher salary, he would move to find another job. No matter, whether he liked in that field or not. The important thing, his salary can be as or more than friends. Continue to do so.

Until one day, the company that followed was not good its performance, he got laid off. Having been married, she finally home to find a job. The important thing is to earn money.

From there, he began to regret. Why he did not pursue the job he loved before? Why should always look for high-paying jobs? And why he should care and not to be outdone by his salary?

Often we are often like my friend, hunting happiness. But it was the happiness that already obtained, are ignored. And after getting what he hunted, not necessarily get the desired happiness.

From my friend’s cases, I learned the joys of living. There are 5 things that we can avoid, where if we do we can have a happy life.

1. Stop wishing.
You wish, if after achieving something you’ll be happy. You just feel happy, when you become a manager. And after a manager, you get busy. Your personal time decreases.

“I’ll be happy, if a director”. Or continued, director-general, ministers, presidents and so on. You too obsession, “be sick to have fun first and then”. And what happened, “be sick first, have fun at some point.”

The happiness you put in a lot of time. In fact, it’s actually happiness can be enjoyed now. It was close, namely right here!

2. Makes the pursuit of happiness was not happy.
Are you sure that you will be happy if all your wishes fulfilled. And when hunting desire, you become tense, anxious, frustrated, anxious and scared. If your wish come true, which often occurs only bring pleasure and joy for a moment. That’s not the same as happiness.

3. Always compare with other people.
It’s like the case of my friend above. Seeing his higher paid, he did not want to lose. Because he feels the same maybe even more than his friend. Whereas among men, one with another human being, different circumstances. And what we see is ‘skin deep’.

We do not know, whether with a large salary, he became wealthy, or even their spending even more. We do not know. Stop comparing with others.

4. Look at what is not possessed.
It’s like the old saying, “hoping eagle on top, pigeon bird in hand is released”. You may already have a steady job and a decent house. But you are trying to catch a bigger house and fancy, a better car and branded, sophisticated and expensive equipment and sebegainya.

Your mind filled with desire the things you think can be happy. In fact, you are not happy, because it is focusing on all the things that you do not have. And rather than on what you have now.

5. Want to change others.
You believe, you can be happy if the situation and the people around you to your liking. You are not happy because the spouse, child, neighbor, friend’s office, the boss does not behave as you want.

Be aware, change other people is extremely difficult. And their right to be so. Not that means you should stop to change others. Keep going, you try to change others.

But do not put your happiness on those changes were. Do not let the environment and the people around you make you unhappy. If you can not change them, you need to change is yourself. Your paradigm.

Hopefully with this 5 recipes, you can enjoy life happier. Enjoy your happiness. [TSA, 8/3/2010 at night]

*Mochamad Yusuf is an online analyst, public speaker, radio host, lecturer and IT practitioner at SAM Design. Actively writing and his books have been published, “99 Jurus Sukses Mengembangkan Bisnis Lewat Internet”. You can follow his activities on his website, or in his Facebook.

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