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Seminar: Kill Computer & Mobile Phone Virus Until Gone

Despite having anti-virus program does not mean you can relax with the threat of viruses. Lots of things you must to do, if not, your antivirus so in vain. This seminar discussed completely.

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Seminar: Kill Computer & Mobile Phone Virus Until Gone
Tips and Tricks Recognizing, Preventing and Combating Your Computer and Mobile Phone Viruses

A computer virus has become one of the great enemy of every person in that era was all computerized. Its existence is disturbing and destructive. Then, how to recognize and detect viruses that target our computers and mobile phones? How well do I prevent and eliminate it?

Ever annoyed because your computer’s performance slows down? Or maybe you’ve installed famous anti-virus, but still not effective to eradicate the virus? Perhaps most computer users have. But often that happens we are not aware of the virus lurking computer or even our mobile phones.

The virus is a program created by a particular purpose. There are computer viruses are destructive and some are disturbing. For computers that installed anti-virus programs up to date, probably not a problem. Because anti-virus that will prevent the virus lives in computer systems.

But what about the computers that only have anti-virus programs that have expired alias expired, or even no anti-virus program at all? Of course, the virus would be easy to breed.

Despite having anti-virus program though, does not mean we can rest easy with the threat of viruses. There are many things to do, if your antivirus is not going to be in vain.

Then there is how many types of the virus and how to detect it? What should be done to prevent it? And how do I completely memberangusnya? Find the answers in this only seminar. All peeled completely.

This seminar will provide huge benefits and can be applied directly for those of you familiar with the computer, mobile phone users, staff, IT / EDP, the Internet audience, faculty, students, teachers, students or anyone interested in computers and mobile phones. You will be guided by a team of SCE (SAM Design Creative Education), and virus expert who has experience in the world and to overcome the virus.

This seminar will be held:
on Saturday, March 20th, 2010 pk 13.00 WIB
at SCE (SAM Design Creative Education) workshop
Jl Kombes Pol M Duryat 39

Please contact Nuniek Puspa for detail information:
HP: 031 83000560

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