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Seeing Each Other More Happier

“Look Mom, how happy husband and wife who ride the bike. Although they also rained on, but they can be quickly at home. Not like us who have tired of walking to get to the house.”

By: Mochamad Yusuf*

One time a friend, let’s just Budi, a visit to my office. He intends to create a website company. Because my company does have services like that, I have come to my office. After the business talk and even had time to look our workshops, we started chatting, chatting the other.

We start telling the past. When our school first. Then he asked about some friends. I would tell him the news some friends that I know. When I mentioned the news of a friend, let’s say Agus, he was stunned.

Then he commented, “It’s fantastic life of Agus. Now he has been successful with their own business. It must be nice to have when they have not set by the company.” He began complaining to his present condition. Complaint as he wished to Agus.

Miraculously, when I backed home, Agus phoned me. He wanted to come my home. He had previously been a few times a visit to the house.

True, he arrived with the car. Nothing luxorious, but quite new. He told me just to see his client. And because it was near my home, he want to see me. Then I told our friend’s arrival, Agus, in the my office afternoons.

Er before the arrival of my intention to tell the Agus, he commented, “Yes he was great. Now he’s working in large corporations. Must have gained a lot of facilities. No need to figure out how to pay employees’ salaries.” He began to complain about it now.

I stared, my mouth agape. Want to talk about Budi’s complaint, but because Agus had already complained his story, I just listened quietly. Complaints seemed happy to be Budi.

If only Budi heard the story’s Agus, he did not want to be a Agus. Instead the Agus would not want to be Budi. If all the lamenting, in fact anyone who feels this enjoy life? Anyone who feels satisfied and happy with life?

I remember the story of farmer.

A farmer and his wife arm in arm down the street coming home from the fields. Raining hard at all. Gone a motorcycle in front of them, the farmer said to his wife “Look Mom, how happy husband and wife who ride the bike. Although they also rained on, but they can quickly until the home. Not like us who have tired of walking to get to the house.”

Meanwhile, the motorcyclist and his wife, who rode under the heavy rain saw a car pick up passes in front of them. Motorcyclist was said to his wife “Look Mom, how happy people who drove it. They do not need rain like we are.”

In the car driven by a pick up a couple conversations occurred when a sedan Mercy passes in front of them “Look mother, how happy people who ride it a good car. The car was definitely comfortable ride. Not like our cars are often on strike.”

Mercy motorist was a wealthy man. When he saw a couple walking hand in hand under the pouring torrential rain, the rich man said to himself, “What a happy husband and wife. They walked happily arm in arm with her down the beautiful streets of this village. While I and my wife never have time for both of us, because we are busy, respectively. ”

Happiness will never do we have if we only look at other people’s happiness. Happiness never could we enjoy, if always compare our lives with the lives of others. [TSA, 05/03/2010 at dawn]

*Mochamad Yusuf is an online analyst, public speaker, radio host, lecturer and IT practitioner at SAM Design. Actively writing and his books have been published, “99 Jurus Sukses Mengembangkan Bisnis Lewat Internet”. You can follow his activities on his website, or in his Facebook.

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