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Looking for Fruit of Happiness

gk aloneNow I even doubt if you are telling the truth about the fruit’s Zelda. Did you eat fruit Zelda to always remain happy. Because I have already explored, no one knows the magical fruit.

By: Mochamad Yusuf*

Once upon in time in a country staying young orphan. His parents died together in a riot that occurred in that country.

Since then he felt God was not fair to him. He had no parents, must support a sick uncle. And parents do not bequeath anything to him. He himself has a disease that does not go away.

Therefore he became sullen, peevish and irritable. Little by little he swore and said harshly. So that over time, not many people are friends with him. So he grew angry with God that is not fair.

Instead he has a neighbor who has a different attitude. This neighbor, an old man who has several children who succeed in their respective fields. This jolly old man, like a smile, like greeting that has many friends.

One day the young man’s visit to the old house. The youth said, “Old man, I heard you are the wisest people in this village. Give me advice.” He pauses. “Look, old man. I was never happy in this life. What the hell happened?”

The old man thought for a moment. Then he said, “The secret is easy. I always eat fruit of Zelda in every morning. With this fruit, I always find happiness. The fruit is purple and white. Try to find the fruit.” “Zelda Fruit? Weird, I just heard today. Where the hell’s the fruit?” he asked herself.

The next day the young man decided to look for Zelda fruit. After his uncle left the old man, this young man wandering looking for her. A year later the boy returned to the village.

The young man, who now face a fresh and cheerful, came to the old man’s house. “Have you found the fruit Zelda?” The young man shook his head, “No. But I’ve found that happiness.”

“Now I even doubt if you are telling the truth about Zelda’s fruit. Did you eat fruit Zelda to always remain happy. Because I’ve explored all the villages, cities and other parts. No one knows about the magical fruit.”

Smiling old man said, “Yes premises, young man. Zelda fruit was created myself. Of course you can never find it. But anyway, how do you get happiness?”

The young man replied, “I enjoyed the trip. Everywhere I make friends. Every day there are new things I saw. I tried to kind to everyone and a lot of help. Some of them even adopted me as brothers. Well, turns out to many friends and see the wide world, our hearts to be happy. ”

The old man was nodding in agreement.

It turned out that happiness is in ourselves. If we act and behave well, that happiness will come itself. On the other hand if we were bad, then happiness is more distant from us. Have you done this? [TSA, 18/3/2010 at dawn]

*Mochamad Yusuf is an online analyst, public speaker, radio host, lecturer and IT practitioner at SAM Design. Actively writing and his books have been published, “99 Jurus Sukses Mengembangkan Bisnis Lewat Internet”. You can follow his activities on his website, or in his Facebook.

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