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Category: English

Why I Write A Book (2)

Every year I always put the target to write a book. But for 3 years, it’s just a big zero result! Not a single sheet that I had made. Apparently a lot of obstacles. And I realized, if this is a dream (I say obsession) could happen if I insisted it happen.

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Why I Write A Book (1)

Don’t worry about this article same with my book’s foreword. This is exclusive to you! Hehehe. This paper will reveal the background and the reason I wrote this book. Maybe a bit narcissistic, hehehe.

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My Favorite Songs of All Time (2)

If you notice there is no incentive / support from the government. Walking alone and succeed! Unbelievable. Salute! Creative achievements are difficult to copy. I hope this achievement is contagious to others.

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My Favorite Songs of All Time (1)

Great! While many social political profanity, sagging achievement (sports) and embarrassing (corruption), the national song get ‘victory’ in own country of Indonesia as rain in the drought. It was soothing.

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Tolerance Awareness on the Road

Is the nation of Indonesia is a nation full of tolerance (tepo seliro)? It is the interests of others. But if we look at the situation look on the road, perhaps we hesitated.

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The Silent Killer (2)

This disease is basically caused by lifestyle rather than a virus or bacteria. Modern lifestyle that looks cool, but actually wrong. The opportunity of Indonesian to get this disease is 1:10. For urban public higher likelihood. Creepy huh? In the United States could risk even to 1:5.

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The Silent Killer (1)

A friend died. I hesitated. He still had a young toddler. Previously there was no sign of illness. Suddenly collapsed, near-death then death. All this because of high blood pressure.

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Contribute Treat Hurt Story

Hurt. Who never experienced it? Hurt attacks every moment. Young and old, men and women, rich and poor, domiciled or not, any religion must be experienced. Anyone.

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Life Is Choice, Choose Wisely!

There’s always choices in life. There’s always the scenarios we have do it. Weighing the options and the future unclear, often we are in pessimist and indecision.

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Looking for Fruit of Happiness

Now I even doubt if you are telling the truth about the fruit’s Zelda. Did you eat fruit Zelda to always remain happy. Because I have already explored, no one knows the magical fruit.

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