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The Never Loss Future Investment



One time after giving a seminar, I was chatting with a participant. She was an consultant of education. There are some things I need to think after this conversation. What is it?

By: Mochamad Yusuf*

Sometimes I am grateful to my activities to share some knowledges. In addition to expanding my knowledge because I have to learn again, and I also get extra knowledge from the participants. Yes, I have the key to humility to learn from others. Did not feel I am the more intelligent.

Like a conversation with my audience about PR 2.0 some time ago. She’s like reminding me that education is important. Anyone parents should seek the best education for their children even if expensive. Best not only scientific issues but also the development of conduct to use moral.

Good schools not only to become a favorite achievement. But good schools should set and give an good example, the formation of noble character and create a conducive environment for personal development and achievement.

Therefore she suggested to incorporate into an integrated school with religion. This is especially for basic education: SD (primary school) and SMP (junior high school). Expensive but it was worth the results achieved.

She told the firm had hired a consultant psychologist for a integrated religious school. These consultants whose hired, were impressed with the initiative, confidence and courage of the students developed to solve problems or answer questions. They scrambled forward or reply when the consultant is providing a challenge or question. Whereas in other schools who had handled, even your favorite country, students usually do not want to go to front of class.

Moral problems as well so. She told me there are primary school graduates of religious schools integrated, go to favorite public school. His parents wanted more efficient, because the cost to the land is cheaper. What happened later regret their parents. Morals change after their child was school here. She formerly devout, respect each parent to be naughty, smoking and others.

Indeed there is a price for it. The cost to send to public schools even though the country is usually affordable favorite. With enroll here, an excess of money so we could be saving money for renovations, replace the output of new cars or overseas vacations. But the results of dubious quality children’s education.

Send to school with an integrated religion, the cost is more expensive so that little or no savings. So it can not renovate the house, replace with a new car or a trip to the mall every time. But the quality of children’s education can be guaranteed.

So what’s to save but to deal with others due to a problem child. When I was a child had trouble like this, especially when you grow up (which bothered not only parents, but others, hehehe).

The conversation with her made me reflect my child’s education problem is. I was planning after my son graduated from elementary school to favorite state junior high school. But if the result was good, although expensive I may have to seek an integrated religious schools good.

It is expensive. But it is not the cost of consumption, but investment. An investment in the future that never lose. For me and the children, perhaps the nation as well. But honestly it is something that heavy. Something with a big temptation, which is better thinker now a short period.

Hopefully I can provide the best solution. Amen. [TSA, 15/1/2010 at dawn]

*Mochamad Yusuf is a senior IT consultant, public speaker, radio host, lecturer and website & software developer at SAM Design, Actively writing and his books have been published, “99 Jurus Sukses Mengembangkan Bisnis Lewat Internet”. You can follow his activities on his personal website,, or in his profile Facebook,

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