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Experience of My Mobile Phone Battery Endurance

gm-nokia baterry 1I have been a loyal Nokia user. Since the first has HP in the year 1999 I have been using Nokia. But because of some purpose, I add my HP collection with some brands. Including Motorola and ZTE. With HP ZTE, I was a little surpise with battery endurance.

By: Mochamad Yusuf*

The first time I have a HP is the Nokia 8810(?). HP is known as the ‘Banana Nokia’, because the curved shape. This HP is used telephone if it fits, the shape of the face. After that some types of Nokia I had. The latter is the Nokia N-Gage QD.

But for some purposes, I bought HP Motorola Q8. Beside I liked the QWERTY keyboard, I want to try the Windows Mobile operating system used. Yes, I have been Symbian users who are used by Nokia. Then I bought last ZTE C261 Smart. This HP I use as a modem for Internet connection.

The first time using a Motorola, I was surprised with the battery endurance. No longer! When used optimally, the batteries had run out a day. Exceeding approximately 1.5 days. Yes, if rarely used, meaning telephone and SMS not much, the batteries lasted the longest 2 days.

I was shocked to know this. With Nokia, the use of batteries can last a little longer, about 3-4 days. Even up to 5 days. This normal use.

But with ZTE C261, I was surprised, too. But not because its no longer, but its more save. This is the opposite with Motorola. Because it can charge up to a week, 6-7 days. And I use it eith maximum. Every night, I use HP as a modem non-stop from evening until morning. I downloaded, I continue to stay asleep. This morning I saw the download.

I suspect my Motorola wasteful batteries because the Windows Mobile operating system. And all this time I was looking for solutions to save more. There’s little results. From ordinary about 1 day to about 1.5 days to 2 days. But never can any longer. It was indeed Windows Mobile is wasteful.

For ZTE, I am sure I can any longer, if I normally wear. It means I do not use endless non-stop is used as a modem every night. I so fell in love with this ZTE. Hehehe.

Btw, what about your experience with the battery life of your HP? How long does it normally charge? [UTC Trawas, 23/1/2010]

*Mochamad Yusuf is a senior IT consultant, public speaker, radio host, lecturer and website & software developer at SAM Design, Actively writing and his books have been published, “99 Jurus Sukses Mengembangkan Bisnis Lewat Internet”. You can follow his activities on his personal website,, or in his profile Facebook,

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