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Doctor IT PAS FM SBY – March 17th 2010: Kill Computer & Mobile Phone Virus Until Gone

Despite having anti-virus program does not mean you can relax with the threat of viruses. Lots of things you must to do, if not, your antivirus so in vain. ‘Doctor IT’ will be discussed.

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Thus, although different versions, this lite version still has the standard features. Just different navigation menu and name. By learning a short, we will know how to use it.

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Experience of My Mobile Phone Battery Endurance

I have been a loyal Nokia user. Since the first has HP in the year 1999 I have been using Nokia. But because of some purpose, I add my HP collection with some brands. Including Motorola and ZTE. With HP ZTE, I was a little surpise with battery endurance. Post Views: 42

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Pengalaman Masa Aktif Baterai HP Saya

Selama ini saya pengguna Nokia yang fanatik. Sejak pertama memiliki HP di tahun 1999 saya sudah memakai Nokia. Tapi karena adanya beberapa keperluan, saya menambah koleksi HP saya dengan beberapa merk. Diantaranya Motorola dan ZTE. Dengan HP ZTE, saya agak surpise dengan daya tahan baterainya. Post Views: 230

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Do you like the benefits of CDMA HP, such as cheaper rates, the number was impressive as HP and other? But it also wants a QWERTY-style at a low price? Perhaps this article you are looking for. Post Views: 1,036

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Searching for Cheapest Unlimited Internet Subscription

A friend was looking for a cheap ulimited internet subscriptions. Formerly he was a surf at the office, it was also to put the internet at home. Because her son, who was still sitting in elementary school, was often requires the internet for school work.

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Which Cellular Service Is Cheapest?

Are you currently looking for the cheapest mobile card (cellular service)? Meaning the cheapest mobile card (SIM card) is a minimum cost to the maximum time extent possible. Plus if there are other facilities. This article may be useful. Post Views: 54

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Apa Kartu Seluler Yang Paling Murah?

Apakah saat ini Anda mencari kartu seluler paling murah? Arti paling murah adalah biaya seminimal mungkin untuk waktu semaksimal mungkin. Plus kalau ada fasilitas lainnya. Tulisan ini mungkin berguna. Post Views: 46

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How to Use Facebook Freely?

Nowadays you did not know Facebook? Hehehe. Now many people enamored with Facebook. But if there is not a computer and you do not want to go to internet cafes (warnet), is there an easy to use Facebook even free?

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Cara Ber-Facebook Gratis

Hari gene nggak kenal Facebook? Hehehe. Sekarang banyak orang keranjingan dengan Facebook. Tapi kalau jauh dari komputer dan tak mau ke warnet, adakah cara mudah bahkan gratis ber-Facebook-an?

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