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Practice! Make 10,000 Flying Hours Training

gm olahraga 3In life, the success of a person affected by the experience and skills. To establish this required training and hours of high flying. Have you done it?

By: Mochamad Yusuf*

There is a unique event when KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata, social work in village when study in college) last time. One time on the way to a village, our motorcycle tires deflated. Unfortunately, the occurrence in the rice fields. And unlike in city, patcher are easy to find, after a long we have not found lead patcher.

Finally, we find tires patcher. We’re relieved. But relief was not so long, because there was no patcher, who was patch the tire. We are call and looking for, no patcher face appears.

We wait longer, finally a friend said, “I patch tire myself.” “Why, what could you do?” asked another friend. “Why? It’s easy. I saw patcher do patch tires many times. It must be fine.” Okay, then. Yet, rather than wait, better try. Yes, if he’s a little business, when evening came back, how?

Finally, the friends do what ordinary workers do patches. Removing the inside tire out, looking for holes in the water, kept rubbing with sandpaper. Then patched with similar tires in the previously given the glue used. Last heated. Already done. “It’s easy. Isn’t it?” said the friend.

After the fire extinguished and are considered, it removed the tires. But, alas! its tire melted. Melt. We laughed at his friend’s work. It turned out something that looks easy, it was not easy, too.

In life, the success of a person affected by the experience and skills. In the movie ‘Twister’, we are impressed with the ability tornado hunters who can know the existence of a tornado just the sand off. I am impressed with the diagnosis of a doctor friend, who can guess the illness and prescribe the right of consultation via telephone.

I applaud the same brother-in-law, who knows the disease of the shrimp and know why it happened. Whereas other relatives, so eager to saw success of the brother-in-law cultivation ponds, were also followed. Apparently it was not easy. Instead of profit, instead ill shrimp and many died.

To establish this required training and hours of high flying. Tiger Woods has done since 4 years age. Canadian ice hockey professional players do since the age of 6-7 years. The stars we admire, the average had practiced since childhood, even toddlers.

According Malcolm Gladwel in his book ‘Outliers’, to successfully take over 10,000 hours of training. After undergoing training for that long, have formed their relative skills.

According to the story, Tiger Woods to practice batting skills at the end of the mound sand takes 2 years. During the 2 years he practiced only hit like that.

You if you want to succeed, must be diligent practice. Practice and practice. The more difficult skills to master, the longer practice. So if you want to succeed in a field of skills, practice from now on. And if want to more quickly master it, you have more time to practice.

Do You agree? [TSA, 5/2/2010 dawn]

*Mochamad Yusuf is a senior IT consultant, public speaker, radio host, lecturer and website & software developer at SAM Design, Actively writing and his books have been published, “99 Jurus Sukses Mengembangkan Bisnis Lewat Internet”. You can follow his activities on his personal website,, or in his profile Facebook,

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