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10 Gadgets That Be Awaited (cheaply) in 2010 (1)

gm-mini-noteI dream (should I?) to have a few gadgets. When necessary, I make to resolutions this year. But when it was cheap really and I have money, it might be a dream come true. Hehehe.

By: Mochamad Yusuf*

Reading the newspaper every day, I noticed more and more gadget ads and always there. This particular computer and mobile phone advertising. Almost every day there is much of the Chinese mobile phones and local advertising. Whether advertise themselves or unison with mobile operators. A long time I wanted to also replace my HP (mobile phone). Hehehe.

While the beginning of 2010, I dream (should I) to have a few gadgets. When necessary, I make to resolutions this year. But when it was cheap really and I have money, it might be a dream come true. Hehehe.

Here are 5 gadgets that I wait for cheapness (the other 5 will be continue in other writings).

gk hp mini note
1. Netbook.
I am glad to hear reportedly used the presence of this netbook. The idea of making low-cost laptops. So cheap, the laptop is not for adults but for children. So this laptop like a notebook, as a means of education. OLPC project (One Laptop Per Child) initiated several universities and supported many of vendors, targeted maximum price of 100 dollars, about a million rupiahs.

But until I wait a long time did not materialize as well. But similar projects which the other vendor runs instead has appeared before. Originally from Asus, EeePC. Then followed by other vendors, after knowing EeePC successful. Unfortunately it is still expensive price. Although from time to time falls, the price is still relatively expensive for me. Cheapest price now is 2.5 million.

I want to under 2 million, so about 1.5 million. Cheaper because for my child. Let be used as a learning tool, so I’m not worried about damaged or lost, because it is cheap. All this time he used my laptop. If you make learning continues damaged, my worry about my data on the laptop. ‘re Having their own netbook, I’m not worried anymore.

Desired: HP, Acer or Lenovo brand. Price: <2 million.

gk canon DSLR
2. Digital SLR Camera
Photography is my hobby, especially since high school. That’s because I often become the documentation team. I used the camera once it (the loan) is the SLR. And I like the SLR camera’s. The result is more fitting.

Now with the digital era, the camera becomes more affordable. Unfortunately, the SLR (DSLR) remains expensive. I did already have a digital camera, but not the SLR. I want to have a digital SLR camera. It would be look great with DSLR take, and certainly a better result.

Desired: Canon brand. Price: <2 million.

gk nokia x6
3. Nokia X6 32 GB Mobile Phone
Indeed HP has not yet appeared. But I liked the specifications. HP sail touch but powerful multimedia too. So can for HP, but is also suitable for MP3 players. Wide touch screen, but advanced with the support of many applications for use Symbian. Looking at the specifications it would cost over 3 million. Even so, the price must be cheaper than the Iphone. Same specification Denagn even more, the Nokia brand, using Symbian, I prefer this than the Iphone X6 because it certainly cheaper.

Desired: 32Gb memory. Price: <1,5 juta.

gk wireless modem router
4. CDMA/GSM Modem router
Internet has increasingly become necessary. Not just for business needs in the office, at home, too. Zidan, my children often need the Internet for school work. If you’ve got HP to WIFI and netbook (which is certainly berWIFI) then it is definitely better if you plug the internet continues to be the WIFI. This modem should be also stuck the SIM card so that they can subscribe to data via the current mobile service more affordable.

Desired: bundling with operators, there is a free subscription package a few months. Price: <250 thousand.

gk apple ipad
5. Tablet PC with Android
Yes, maybe like Apple’s Ipad. A gadget between netbook and HP. Not too complicated to be taken as a netbook, but not too small like HP. This gadget only to happy to fit too late, for example, read a book. It’s not something serious. If you want to write, I want to use a netbook. If you want to see the movie using the TV’s better than the tablet PC.

Therefore I do not agree with the opinion of Steve Jobs. Tablet PC fits right in time or place that does not fit. For example the children in the car on long trips. They’re bored, but still have the car. So have fun with the Tablet PC would have to reduce their boredom.

What I want with Android OS. Because Android is open system, so many applications that arise. And most inexpensive and sometimes free. Therefore I have no interest in Ipad, except Ipad use Android. Hehehe.

Because of this under Netbook, but just wanted Netbook under 2 million, it should be cheaper than 1 million.

Desired: OS Android. Price: <1 million.

How? You must also have a cheap gadget that awaited you? Is it? [TSA, 7/2/2010 morning]

*Mochamad Yusuf is a senior IT consultant, public speaker, radio host, lecturer and website & software developer at SAM Design, Actively writing and his books have been published, “99 Jurus Sukses Mengembangkan Bisnis Lewat Internet”. You can follow his activities on his personal website,, or in his profile Facebook,

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