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5 Cheap China/Local QWERTY HP Feasible Buy

G75Many cheap QWERTY HP (mobile phone) has sold. Cheap is mean the price 1 million rupiahs and below. Most local and Chinese brands. So many, and all nearly the same, so confused selection. Then which one?

By: Mochamad Yusuf*

A friend of mine confused with his HP. “What?” I asked. “My HP already old. I want to change HP. It have a camera and get online,” he said. “What is your budget?” I asked again. “Around a million,” he said. “Now there’s a lot of the cheap HP China/local brand advertised.” I snapped. “That’s, I added confusion,” while scratching your head, “Please help me what’s your recommendations.”

Well, get jobs. So, I had to research. The results of this research and then I let him. Then I thought why not I write it all. Who knows I share this is more like my friend sought.

Indeed last year, we are inundated with a lot of HP and China’s local brands. Local brands are brands that are found only in Indonesia. Brands in the country is not there. Still, HP is not made in Indonesia. Mostly made in China. This brand owner a message to China and asked for specific brands directly given. Examples of local brands: HT Mobile, Imo, Nexian and others.

If the global brand, almost the entire world can be found in this brand. These are usually owned by large companies. For example: Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola and others. Because of global brands, they usually consider the quality and technological development.

Back to local brands, since I expect HP AFTA local brands will be more and more. I heard they were importing a container just had dared to have their own brands. I worry that they do ‘hit and run’.

As a trader, not manufacture them only think of profit, not development nor ‘after sales’. I am afraid they ‘shut down’ after the estimated time the product they have a lot of damage. Better to make their own brands, instead of having to open the service and many others. Hopefully the next government will be able to see and manage.

Here are my suggestions HP China / Local cheaper, sejutaan and below, worth considering for purchase.

gm indosat ivio
1. Indosat Ivio
As the name implies is HP’s bundling with Indosat. This HP QWERTY GSM-CDMA. Unique also GSM-GSM. Usual standard features.

Network: Dualband GSM (900/1800 MHz), CDMA 800 MHz & Dual Mode On; Screen: 2.2 inci, TFT QVGA (240×320 pixel); Transfer data: EDGE, GPRS 12; Camera: 1,3 MP; Internal memory: Flash 512 Mbit + 256 bit DRAM; Eksternal memory: microSD; Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email; Connectivity: Bluetooth, data cable; Browser: WAP, Opera Mini; Other feature: Polifonik (MP3), QWERTY keyboard, 5 Waynavigation keys, Quick access volume and camera buttons, MP3/MP4 player, radio FM, Office Document Viewers, Facebook, Twitter, push Email Client, ebuddy, mig33, operamini, Maps, Java applications, Speakerphone, Game; Baterai: Lithium ion.
Price: 1 million.

gk huawei c6100
2. Esia Online
HP is also bundling, namely with Esia. The price is quite cheap, only 700 thousand. But quite a lot of applications. Able for Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger and others. Not only the bookmarks, to the version of Opera Mini mobilenya. But this particular application. This great legal applications.

By subscribing to the operator, you can act like an expensive HP. Because it could be like that. Ie push email, chat, Facebook’s and others. In fact, HP has a special application that can chat between these setipe HP. And it’s free, no need to pay a subscription.

CDMA 800 Mhz 2000 1x (can be modem), camera VGA, mp3 player, wap 2.0, opera mini, bluetooth 2.0, micro SD slot, digital music downloader.
Price: 700 thousand.

gk esia music box 2.0
3. Esia Musicbox 2.0
HP is worth ogled. Because the have it, you are free to download the song as much as possible. And this is a legal track lho. Not pirated. Also free to Facebook and internetan. All of this free package is a month, but the next subscription cheap enough, that is a thousand silver. Oh yes, the package includes external speakers that can be listened to radio and MP3 player. Not steady.

CDMA 800 Mhz 2000 1x (can be modem), camera VGA, mp3 player, wap 2.0, opera mini, bluetooth 2.0, micro SD slot, sound box, digital music downloader.
Price: 900 thousand.

gm imo b189
4. Imo B189
This QWERTY HP cheapest I know. But still has a unique standard features HP’s other Chinese QWERTY. So still able Facebook’s, listening to music, no radio and eat it. Imo and warranties. Yes, Imo State, including local brand famous enough.

GSM 900/1800 Mhz, GPRS, kamera VGA, mp3 player, wap 2.0, opera mini, radio FM.
Price: 430 thousand.

ht mobile g75
5. HT Mobile G75
This is not a million, but much less. Exactly 1.250 million. But why do I recommend more expensive though the price a little? Because HP is that HP has a QWERTY 3 simcard slot. Not only the usual 2. This hybrid cell phone can be used for GSM-GSM-CDMA. For those of you who like to pay attention and take advantage of your ads, rather than carrying a lot of HP, 1 HP mending but many cards can. Oh yes, HP also has

GSM 900/1800 Mhz, CDMA 800 Mhz, dual kamera VGA, mp3 player, wap 2.0, opera mini, micro SD slot, radio FM.
Price: 1,250 million.

Outside of local or Chinese brands, there is a decent HP 1 ogled. This is a global price, Samsung. But price is not less cheapness. I actually recommend this HP. Since many bundling package.

gk Samsung Pinger SCH-R351Samsung Pinger SCH-R351.
HP choose feasible, because bundling with Smart. With you can have it for free surf forever! Er’s not a lifetime, the rest of the card active period. During the active, it is still free. However, subject to surf through HP and Opera Mini. My experience using Opera Mini, OK’s all surfing in cyberspace.

The model is also quite beautiful. Button quite comfortable. Available in 2 colors, maroon and white (white it would be more sold).

CDMA 2000 1x (can be modem), camera 1,3mp, mp3 player, wap 2.0, opera mini, brew 3.1.5, bluetooth 2.0, micro SD slot.
Price: 1 million.

How? You interested? [TSA, 8/2/2010 dawn]

*Mochamad Yusuf is a senior IT consultant, public speaker, radio host, lecturer and website & software developer at SAM Design, Actively writing and his books have been published, “99 Jurus Sukses Mengembangkan Bisnis Lewat Internet”. You can follow his activities on his personal website,, or in his profile Facebook,

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