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Seminar: Facebook for Business

gk network 2Then, how to optimize Facebook for your interest? How Facebook can also bring success to you? What should be done? It’s all in this seminar.

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Facebook for Business
Optimizing Facebook For Success, Business And Your Company.

Facebook has become a phenomenon now. This social networking was not only used as a means of communication, or add friends/relations only. But because of the large scope of this Facebook can be a promotional offer of goods or services. Even Facebook has become one of the tools are fairly successful campaign in the American presidential elections ago. So what exactly is Facebook? What are the benefits to join this social networking site? And how to optimize your Facebook for success, the company may even your own business?

Facebook’s popularity proved to be underestimated. Although other sites similar increase in the number of users, but Facebook is recorded has increased very dramatically. Within a year, Facebook users has increased to 153%. Now it has 500 million. That means that already 1/6 the world population.

Initially with Facebook, we can invite old friends, add new friends, increase our insight. Even looking for soul mate. If we are able to login to this site, as we are invited to reminisce in the virtual world. But after this long time using Facebook, maybe you think what else could I use?

Facebook has a series of features that allow users to interact directly (real time), such as chat, tags photos, blogs, games, and update status. This was very interesting to many people. Even the few people who did not gain success of marketing via social networking.

From the perspective of marketing, how marketing is very simple sort. Sufficient amount of capital that a lot of friends because they’re the consumers of the products will be marketed. This effort was helped by the number of Facebook users are a marketing tool, so the brand becomes more widely. Thus more and more opportunities that can be used.

Then, how to optimize Facebook for your interest? How do I get Facebook can bring success to you? What should be done? Everything will be removed completely in the seminar this time.

This seminar will provide huge benefits and can be applied directly to your profession as business owners, CEOs, product managers, marketing managers, sales managers, staff, sales/marketing, public relations manager, public relations staff, the staff of IT/EDP, customer support manager, customer relations staff, the Internet audience, lecturers, students, teachers, students or anyone interested in the internet.

You will be guided by a team of SCE (SAM Design Creative Education) who are experienced in the world of the Internet and its utilization. Time for you to explore this opportunity. Do not let your competitors do first!

SCE team will help you learn how the marketing concept by using Facebook and optimize facebok to increase business value.

The subjects will be learned and practised in this seminar:
1. Facebook as social network.
2. Optimizing Facebook for your success, your company and business.

This seminar will be held:
on Saturday, February 27, 2010 pk 09.00 WIB
at SCE (SAM Design Creative Education) workshop
Jl Kombes Pol M Duryat 39

Please contact Nuniek Puspa for detail information:
HP: 031 83000560

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