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Doctor IT PAS FM SBY – 04 Jan 2010: Reflecting From Case Luna Maya and Prita Mulyasari

Doctor IT PAS FM SBY – 04 Jan 2010: Reflecting From Case Luna Maya and Prita Mulyasari

Prita case could happen to anyone. Because consumer protection here is not strong. So what to do if we suffer? Complaining on the internet? Check out his review on PAS FM.

By: Mochamad Yusuf*

Another case is the case of Luna Maya. This popular beautiful artist feeling persecuted when pressed for an interview. His daughter Ariel, her boyfriend, to stumble camera. As a result of this she was complaining on the internet. Infotainment journalists who said the man who less than a prostitute.

Actually the internet is a medium. Same function with other media that already exists: radio, TV and newspapers. Indeed this new medium has its own power. Coverage area that is wider, longer time-period and the ‘snowball effect’.

Another strength is that everyone seemed to have their own media. The access the internet can create a website/blog that can be made as if the newspaper. If no, can ‘rent’ a space, like a column in the newspaper, on a portal site such as Facebook.

It makes every person can make writing, including complaints articles in this media. Even he could comment on writings or quoting traditional media or internet. Written by sometimes positive sometimes harm others.

If the expense of others, there is an effort to bring into the realm of law. This happens because the power of the internet media such extraordinary already described above. Then comes the case Prita, Luna Maya, teh botol Sosro.

Which is still a question is whether or not we complain on the internet? What we can and can not for the internet? Is there some signs should we obey? Then there any tips to share privately?

Everything will be completely peeled PAS FM radio this afternoon, Monday 04 Januari 2010 at 16.00 WIB.

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