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Seminar: Win Customer’s Heart By Creative Marketing

Do not want to experience failure constantly due to obsolete ideas and outdated? Want to generate ideas and business concepts are fresh and compelling? Create creative ideas to produce profit.

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Win Customer’s Heart By Creative Marketing
Create Creative Marketing Techniques And Attract Your Customer’s Heart!

Nowadays there’s been a significant change in the era of global competition. Media marketing is no longer one way but two ways by involving the target consumers in various forms of communication. Consumers actively involved in various marketing activities. For example a manufacturer of soy hold food festivals and special snacks. Sampoerna used to make the marching band go international before becoming famous in Indonesia and abroad. And some time ago there was a competition to find as many friends on a social networking site made by a mobile operator. All this has the same goal of seeking their brand embedded in the minds of consumers. So how do I create a different marketing strategies, innovative and creative as they are?

Now business is dynamic so there is always required to adjust. Plus the development of evolving technologies that will make the output product life cycle becomes shorter and shorter companies. Not to mention the application of the liberalization model that encourages business world increasingly tight competition with the more aggressive competitors.

Way to win the actual competition is always open wide. Live how to successfully apply for and on target. Market/consumers both locally and globally are always demanding the best things in accordance with the value of money or their time.

There is no use talking of a particular economic system that can not satisfy the increasingly free market vote. Consumers now no longer be forced. If they were forced to flee to a competitor who can provide more value. Companies that do not have something different and creative in their marketing deal will clearly overwhelmed.

Do not want to fail constantly due to obsolete ideas and outdated? Want to generate ideas and business concepts are fresh, intelligent and charming?

Do not just be a follower of it! Create creative ideas that generate profit. Dig your imagination and creativity deep and be a reliable innovator in the business world is increasingly competitive! Join SAM Design a proven presence in Indonesia’s creative industries in the seminar ‘Your Customer Reach Heart By Creative Marketing’.

This seminar provides a great benefit and can be applied directly to your professional business owners, brand owners, brand managers and marketing managers, and all who are interested in the marketing world in increasing sales.

You will be guided by a team of SCE (SAM Design Creative Education) which has provided training in marketing and utilization.

This seminar will be held:
on Thursday, 11 Februari 2010 13.00-16.00 WIB
at SCE (SAM Design Creative Education) workshop
Jl Kombes Pol M Duryat 39

Please contact Nuniek Puspa for detail information:
HP: 031 83000560

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