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Seminar: Success Online Crisis Management

Keluhan di internet semiloka.comNowadays the customers already have their own media and the others can comment on. In response to this much needed awareness and new techniques to follow up customer complaints on the internet.

Techno Update Program
Success Online Crisis Management
Reflecting Lessons From the Case Luna Maya and Prita Mulyasari

There have been many events that raised and burst that started from the virtual world. Still unresolved cases faced by Prita Mulyasari, now appears more cases against the artist Luna Maya. It all started from the statement that spread in cyberspace. A few moments before Botol Sosro also facing a potential case of ‘shake’ their management. There is an email declare Sosro products has contains toxic and the issue is spread on the Internet. So how does your company’s strategy when facing the negative issues that sometimes can happen, and eventually developed in these virtual worlds?

Internet is powerful because it affects broad, long term and have a snowball effects. You could have ‘taste’ your product in traditional media, say newspapers. But only a day (short time) and their effectiveness in accordance with the circulation area. Compare this with the Internet, global reach, a longer time period and have a snowball effects that can be forwarded, shared and copy-paste.

Thank God for ‘sauce’ you also spread to the internet. But how about vice versa? There was something about the issues that harm your product. Someone either intentionally or not do on the Internet that harm you.

But you are not allowed to use old ways to anticipate it. Time has changed, technology has developed, techniques and how to anticipate it should also change.

In this present era, consumers already have their own media. They can write good and bad experiences on blogs, spreading it to the mailing list, or put it in social media like Facebook. Other consumers can comment on and even distribute it. In response to such a case is necessary awareness and new techniques in following up consumer complaints on the internet.

So, how to anticipate potential customer complaints into a crisis management on the internet? What other lessons can be drawn from several cases that happen? Take a half-day seminar ‘Online Crisis Management’. Everything here will be removed completely.

This seminar has great benefits and can be applied directly to your staff who is a IT/EDP, website owners, public relations, marketing, customer service, sales, business development, webmaster, web development, content administrator, internet lovers, teachers, students, teachers, students or anyone interested in the Internet.

You will be guided by a team of SCE (SAM Design Creative Education) who are experienced in the world of the Internet and its utilization.

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