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Seminar: The Power Of Creative Personal Branding

Seminar: The Power Of Creative Personal Branding

Yourself is brand too! So it takes strategy and appropriate tactics to build an image about yourself. This technique is called personal branding. This is not as simple as it seems.

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The Power Of Creative Personal Branding
Stand Out From The Ordinary, Build Yourself From Creativity
Empowered With 2010 Personal Branding Solution

21st century is the century of information. Start getting out of bed to sleep again, modern man is always exposed to information, both useful and misleading. The information comes from a family talk, neighbors, media, mobile, internet, advertising, until a meeting in the office. So much information, while the human memory was so limited. As a result, people tend to easily forget, especially in the information that is not prominent, although it is important.

This also applies if the information is not a product, but yourself. People will tend to forget about you when you do not stand out in front of them. Simple cause, information about you will always be crowded tangle with information about people or other products in the public mind.

So, how can the public “see” you? More specifically, how the public perceives that you are as you? How to build a personal image that match your professional goals? Because as good as any you quality, when people do not “know” who you are, they will not use your services.

It may be that the problem stems from the reluctance that you perform a structured personal branding. Yourself is brand too! Because it takes all the strategy and tactics of the right to build the image of yourself. This technique is called personal branding. This is not as simple as it seems. When you’re one step or do it ineffectively, to cover the cost of these errors can be very high.

Therefore, start arranging your personal brand. If you or your company are lazy to do personal brand, which competitors will do.

What is a personal brand? Why personal brand is so important today? What are effective ways to create a great personal brand? How to differentiate yourself with the competitors?

Find reviews and tips in a half-day seminar, “The Power of Creative Personal Branding”. Do not miss! Because those who have a the best personal brand will win!

This seminar provides a great benefit and can be applied directly to you of the need of the public trust: a lawyer, speaker, doctors, writers, professors, politicians, business owners, and anyone interested.

You will be guided by a team of SCE (SAM Design Creative Education) who has experience providing training in the field of communication strategies.

This seminar will be held:
on Thursday, March 25th, 2010 pk. 13.00 WIB
at SCE (SAM Design Creative Education) workshop
Jl Kombes Pol M Duryat 39

Please contact Nuniek Puspa for detail information:
HP: 031 83000560

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