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Relaunch Enerlife V 2.0!

Relaunch Enerlife V 2.0!

Finally a new face of website Enerlife can relaunch. After a long time to save the desire, the opportunity finally came, the moment that there is a long vacation. Now the new design would be more convenient for browsing.

I’ve always wanted to change the lay-out and design Enerlife website. I felt the old design was not able to accommodate more and more articles. However, for reasons of time, it can not do. Fortunately, there is a long vacation, so I can do.

With new design, the website is now more simple, formal and stylish newspaper. With this new concept, may be able to accommodate my expectations with the concept of all the news can be accommodated and formal style. Hopefully this new format is more acceptable and more liked by the reader. And the important, visitors can better enjoy this article of Enerlife.

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