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Doing Good, Promise In Others

gk buku 1If you have any intention of doing good deeds, especially the hard and large, do not be reluctant to speak to the other. Consider it as a promise. And you have to pay off any way.

By: Mochamad Yusuf*

Hermawan Kartajaya, Indonesia marketing expert, wrote a pretty interesting series in Jawa Pos and Radar Surabaya Post present. This series plans contain 100 written that was published every day in the paper. In an article he claimed to have been forced to promise publicly. Promise is to make his own theory, not merely quoting someone else’s theory. This is because the question ‘sharp’ from a seminar participant, “Why do you as consultant doesn’t have self theory?”.

Because of this question, he had stopped for a moment. After a rather quiet, he promised to issue his own theory. This was not planned and did not intend. But because he was talking in front of the crowd, he tried to make it happen. Over 6 months later he was working hard to realize this promise. Later he could pay off this promise.

I myself have experienced this. But unlike Hermawan Kartajaya, I was going and planned.

Since long time I wanted to have a book that I wrote myself. Desire that arises after I diligently write, especially on the internet. Of course this a heavy desire and hard. Writing just for some people it is difficult, indeed make the book. Of course more difficult.

Of course, makes the book more difficult than writing. Having to convince others, that the money (investment) would be returned. Because if you make a book, someone who dared to sacrifice for us. They dare ‘bet’ that the money would be returned.

When a book is in the shop, then the publisher has to spend money: the cost of editing, layout, film, paper, printing, promotions and more. The hope, of course, the book sales out. But if not, the money will not go back.

But even though many times I intend to write a book, a script was never so. I had no plans shortcuts, collect all my writings on the internet, and made books. But I wanted to write what is planned for the book. Not just a collection of writings.

Because for me, book buyers do not feel ‘cheated’. “Yeew, if the book like this, why I bought the book. I can get on the internet or the newspaper,” I hear so often that it was only a collection of writings in print media or internet.

Once my intention, I came to write a resolution in the early years. But up to 3 years, this resolution never materialized. Until I began to despair.

Then I was assigned to the office opened a new division, training and consulting. It makes me start talking in public. Of course, for this talk I have learned a lot. Preparing the plot and later presentation. Sometimes because so much material presented, but limited time presentation, there thought to write it as a book.

But it turned out despite the existing capital, but manifestation of my book never existed. Finally, in a seminar opportunity, I said that right now is writing a book. I realize saying this. Even then, I repeat it in many occasions.

A friend once admonished it. “Why not just quietly. If the book was published, just saying. If not published, is not ashamed.” Yes. I myself was also worried by this.

But I had been planning this action. If it secretly and later as a surprise, fear, unfulfilled existence. Because after all ‘not billed’. No. I say it in public, so I was forced to ‘pay’.

Yes, eventually when it comes an opportunity, I work hard to achieve it. Every home office, I write. One-two hours, no matter how tired or no mood, I do. To the extent that I typed while asleep. Yes, my mind was ‘blank’, but I’m still typing.

Finally, the book was true, too. Of course I am satisfied with this. A promise that the debt is paid off.

If you have any intention of doing good deeds, especially the hard and large, do not be reluctant to speak to the other. Consider it as a promise. And you have to pay off any way. Yes, unless you just want to promise it. [TSA, 15/02/2010 at dawn]

*Mochamad Yusuf is a online analyst, public speaker, radio host, lecturer and IT practitioner at SAM Design, Actively writing and his books have been published, “99 Jurus Sukses Mengembangkan Bisnis Lewat Internet”. You can follow his activities on his personal website,, or in his profile Facebook,

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