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gk-facebookActually before the Facebook frenzy, there are some social media website that already exists. Even before they are more exist and more popular. But slowly it lost with this Facebook.

By: Mochamad Yusuf*

Not be denied, if Facebook has plagued the user of internet(netter). Facebook fever has been endemic to the whole country and even the world. People avid to update with the status, comments, play a online game, discuss, share photos and more. Whether with old friends or new friends. Or friends who already know or just met in cyberspace.

Facebook increasingly frenzied fever after a lot of support and convenience. As mobile phones have their own Facebook applications. Or bids from mobile operators can connect directly to Facebook via sms. Last even an offer to free Facebook for life (uh entire active period of the SIM card).

But actually before the Facebook frenzy, there are some social media website that already exists. Even they exist first. But slowly it lost with Facebook. Facebook’s success also encouraged others to follow.

If you are not satisfied with the Facebook or want to try or at least tasted the other social media website except, please try out some alternatives social media websitez as the following :

friendster_com mochamad yusuf

1. Friendster atau or
Friendster is actually present long before facebook. Even a favorite for Indonesian users. In fact, Indonesia’s Friendster user is ranks highest in Asian.

Because of declining image, since the beginning of December 2009, Friendster has revolutionized all-out appearance. This looks more attractive, easier and simpler. Whether these changes will affect the number of users to come this website.

myspace_com mochamad yusuf

2. MySpace atau
This was also present long before Facebook. It was not a favorite for Indonesian users. But outside of Indonesia, the portal was a favorite before the presence of Facebook. Sites that established Tom Anderson, a young man from California, full with shades of blue. Overall, users MySpace is the closest competitor Facebook. Although the distance is gradually widening.

mypulau_com mochamad yusuf

3. MyPulau
This is a social networking portal of our beloved country, Indonesia. MyPulau made by Telkomsel, one of the mobile operators. Though self-made country, features no less with the other import portal. Even has its own advantages related to the cellular, eg download wallpapers, ringtones and more. To register you do not have to be user Telkomsel, because it can register by email. But if you are your Telkomsel users can register by phone number.

muxlim_com mochamad yusuf

4. Muxlim atau
Muxlim is claimed as a social networking portal in the world’s largest Muslim. Each month accessed more than 1.5 million. Although claimed as Islamic portal, this portal is not true comes from the Arabian peninsula, but instead from the Scandinavian countries. Of particular interest is a security feature that is more complicated, because some have to be moderated. So that the content and images are free of porn and the other bad things.

hi5_com mochamad yusuf

5. Hi5 atau
Portal is the third largest after Facebook and Friendster. To catch the lost from Facebook, the portal is located in California, has total revolutionized the appearance. Now more cool and comfortable to be accessed. The less is the absence of chat facilities.

tagged_com mochamad yusuf

6. Tagged atau
This portal is relatively simple. But also gategories more quite complex. Yet the same features as the full social networking portals others.

Okay, congratulations explore. [TSA, 06/01/2010 at dawn]

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